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Mary Karr, Remembering The Years She Spent 'Lit'

The third of her memoirs...the others are "The Liar's Club" and "Cherry".

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April 30, 2010 ~ Mary Karr

"Lit" by Mary Karr, or anything, really, by her

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12 Must-Read Memoirs To Get You Through Your Twenties

Fans of Karr’s Lit and The Liar’s Club will love her coming-of-age story in between: before a life of domesticity and substance abuse took hold of her, and after her intensely unstable childhood. Karr is a master observer, both of herself and the world around her, and reading her journey to breaking away from home as a teenager will move you in ways she hasn’t shown you before. —M.S.


Review: ‘The Art of Memoir,’ by Mary Karr, Is a Veteran’s Guide

Review: ‘The Art of Memoir,’ by Mary Karr, Is a Veteran’s Guide -

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