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Mary Magdalene.

Stained glass window in Kilmore Church on the Isle of Mull, Scotland depicting Jesus and a pregnant woman believed to be Mary Magdalene.

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The Skull of Mary Magdalene in St Maximin Basilica in France

For centuries people have believed that this is the skull of Mary Magdalene, found in a crypt beneath a small church in France. But how did it get there?

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Mary was said to have been ‘spirited’ away to Egypt until Sara was born and then when Sara reached twelve they traveled to the Languedoc region of South France and lived among the clans which would later become known as the Cathars. Other tell of Mary landing upon the marshy shorelines of Glastonbury England, where the very first Christian Church outside of the Holy Land was established and where Yeshua was said to have spent many years of His youth.

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Mary Magdalene - cured by Jesus of an unknown, severe illness; becomes the leader of a group of women disciples who follow Jesus, provide for him financially, and listen first-hand to Jesus' teachings; first witness of the Resurrection; first evangelist, since she is told by Jesus to 'tell the others'; she brings the news of the Resurrection to the other disciples, including Peter and John

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In puris naturalibus: The Holy Grotto of St Mary Magdalene in Provence. I believe Mary Magdalene was one of the two most important women in the Bible & I can wait to visit the places where she lived after she came to France from Egypt.

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Royal family arrive at church on Christmas

dailymail: Christmas Morning Service, St Mary Magdalene Church, December 25, 2016-Prince of Wales, Prince Harry and the Duke of York

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Royal family arrive at church on Christmas

From left, Savannah Phillips, Autumn Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

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Lord, make me a woman like Mary Magdalene who follows you not because of a legalistic understanding of her faith, but because of an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for your extravagant grace. Help me surrender my darkness. Flood me with the light of your presence.

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