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Jack remains one of my favorite characters from Mass Effect. I enjoyed her character arc so much.

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Jack (Mass Effect 2). I had a Praha PG with her face. Torque had her head shaved and her body full of black marks [marks of a god, long story about vampires and blah blah blah] so Jack came to my mind when I was looking for her avatar.

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Mass Effect 3's Jack, Cosplayed To Perfection

You might remember cosplayer Anna “Ormeli” Moleva for her impeccable cosplay of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite a few years back. Well, Ormeli at it again

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Mass Effect Characters

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Jack is willing to beat anyone to within an inch of their life on behalf of any of the crew. (Whether she goes that extra inch depends on whether the person receiving the beating is also crew.)

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