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Romper Room Book of Masterbation Techniques ~ inappropriately bad children's book covers

Innovative Ways To Spice Up Your Solo Bedroom Time

Masturbation Techniques To Try - AskMen

101 Masturbation Secrets For Lovers: Great Techniques for Sharing Pleasure NEW in Everything Else, Adult Only, DVDs & Movies, DVD | eBay

Victorian Anti-Masturbation Devices: The Victorians were obsessed with preventing acts of self-love.This terrifying contraption is called a ‘jugum penis.’ It was designed to prevent both masturbation & ‘nocturnal incontinence.’ Should a man become aroused in the middle of the night, this contraption would clamp down, extinguishing both his desire as well as his erection in a very sudden & painful way!

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25 Técnicas de masturbación que quizás querrás robarte

Le preguntamos a distintas personas cuáles son sus mejores técnicas. Aquí te damos algunos tips de nuestros lectores con vaginas que puede que quieras intentar tú misma.