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masterpiece mystery - Worth watching just to see and hear Alan Cumming's introductions of the episode.

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PBS - Mystery Intro - Edward Gorey I have many memories of summer vacations at my grandmothers house. I would be waiting in bed for my mother to come upstairs to watch Masterpiece Theater Mystery. I always loved the beginning of the show. And then I'd fall asleep.

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Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis (2007) Police inspector Lewis returns to solving homicides after a long absence and partners with the clever, university-educated Det. Sgt. Hathaway, whose knowledge of the modern world frequently proves helpful to his old-school boss.

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As one review said about this show, "it's gently paced" but I really like it. And the brilliant James Norton plays a totally different character than he did in Happy Valley. And Robson Green is delightful as always.

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Inspector Lewis - another wonderful British detective series. Spin-off of the Morse mystery series

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BBC's MASTERPIECE MYSTERY series of MISS MARPLE were well done - great sets & costumes. Occasionally the plots were altered a bit, but the 2 actresses who played her did a wonderful job (they each put their own spin on her) Here, Geraldine McEwan (born 1932) does her sleuthing in a sweet, spunky way

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'Inspector Lewis' comes to an end … probably

The final episode of "Inspector Lewis" aired on PBS' "Masterpiece Mystery" Sunday night, but star Kevin Whately says an occasional special could happen in the future.

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A Dark and Stormy Murder: A Writer's Apprentice Mystery by Julia Buckley

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Prime Suspect

'Prime Suspect' - Simply, one of the best PBS Masterpiece Mystery series ever made starring Helen Mirren

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Inspector Lewis. Fantastic intellectual crime show. Agent Hathaway is definetly my favorite <3 love Masterpiece Mystery.

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The Bletchley Circle ~British TV series on PBS (2012-present). #bletchley

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Alas, She Drowned: A Stratford Upon Avondale Mystery (The...

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This is my favorite television show right now. I am eagerly anticipating and dreading the last installment of this LONG RUNNING series. There will never be a better interpretation of this character than what David Suchet has done. He IS Hercule Poirot.

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Murder At The Bed & Breakfast: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery by Dianne Harman

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The Inspector Morse series was probably my favorite Masterpiece Mystery detective series. The books by Colin Dexter were also good.

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Small Island, Masterpiece Classic 2010 - don't know anything about this...

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