PBS - Mystery Intro - Edward Gorey; I loved this intro as a kid - the lady on the rooftop always scared me :)

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Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour (2014) - This prequel series follows Endeavour Morse -- who would later become the seasoned Inspector Morse -- as a rookie constable in 1960s Oxford.

As one ITV review said about this show, "it's gently paced" but I really like it. And the brilliant James Norton plays a totally different character than he did in Happy Valley. And Robson Green is delightful as always.

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masterpiece mystery - Worth watching just to see and hear Alan Cumming's introductions of the episode.

Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis (2007) Police inspector Lewis returns to solving homicides after a long absence and partners with the clever, university-educated Det. Sgt. Hathaway, whose knowledge of the modern world frequently proves helpful to his old-school boss.

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