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This match box cover is exactly the right size to fit the smallest size pad of Post-It notes (2 x 1.5 inches), so instead of making the box bottom, slip a package of notes inside the decorated top! << #gift, make out of attractive scrapbook paper

Match Box Template Instructions Tip: When cutting the box top, cut on the outside of the lines so that it is just a hair larger than the box bottom. Print out templates and reduce or enlarge as desired. (The sizes indicated on the template are those of an actual match box I have.) Trace template onto card stock. Cut all solid lines; score and fold all dotted line. Note: Make a note of the solid and dotted lines on the area marked "Tab" on the box bottom.

DIY Envelope Style Matchbox Template (and regular Matchbox Template). Yes you can buy matchboxes at the craft or Dollar Store or anywhere, but you can also make them out of card stock or cereal boxes too. Template and instructions at Swap-Bot Blog here.*Also, if you want to put food inside a matchbox - make your own, do not use a regular matchbox where matches have been stored.