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<p class="MsoNormal">Good news for working ladies! Women and child development (WCD) minister Maneka Gandhi wants the maternity leave entitlement should increase from 3 to 8 months since it's important for new mothers

Discrimination: Women hired on contract not entitled to maternity leave - The Express Tribune

What Does Maternity Leave Mean, Anyway? Chances are, the details are different depending on where you work and what you do.


6 maternity leave questions to ask before you're pregnant

If you’re planning a pregnancy it also pays to starts planning your maternity leave. Sometimes a few months could be the difference between whether or not you’re entitled to take leave – or whether you are eligible for a maternity leave payment. In these cases it is worth knowing exactly what you’re in for. Here are six steps to working out where you stand when it comes to maternity leave entitlement in Australia.

So how much time does the government guarantee new parents? And what of your company’s other benefits should you be aware of to ensure you’re getting the most out of your company’s leave policy? #maternityleave #pregnancy #workingmom #everydayhealth |


Maternity Leave Entitlements in Australia

Not sure whether or not you're eligible to take maternity or parental leave? Here is all you need to know about maternity leave entitlements in Australia ...


10 Maternity Leave Myths — What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

10 Maternity Leave Myths - What You Don't Know Can Hurt "MYTH: You're Legally Entitled to Paid Leave in the U.S. Nope. Presently in this country, we have only the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which holds your job for 12 weeks unpaid." Read more on DailyWorth: