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Math Teacher Salary

Late, Absent Work Teacher Stamp Self Inking Stamp --7557


Telling Time Analog and Digital Clocks SMARTBoard Lesson

Learning to Tell Time Analog and Digital Clocks SMARTBoard Lesson This SmartBoard lesson will teach the First Grade Common Core Standard: Tell time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.


Small Friends School News: Cars, Ramps and Ball Runs - Teacher Elaine One of our favorite activities is the “ball run” that Teacher Sue put up in the loft. Here the children are challenged to take turns, negotiate, work together and plan strategies to catch the balls. They discovered that it was fun to send the balls down the runs one at a time and also block them so many roll down all at once.


Algebra - Graphing Linear Equations Common Core Activity - Salary Analysis

Students will apply their knowledge of y=mx+b to graph the monthly salaries of four different jobs. The activity offers a choice of giving the job descriptions on task cards or at the top of the graphing worksheet.Students will work together to understand and graph the salaries (each with a different y-intercept based on a signing bonus or start-up cost), then they will answer questions about the salaries earned over time.