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Maths Formula Book

from Etsy

Euler's Identity - Romantic Geek Art - Framed Vintage Book Page - Geeky Gift - Romantic Gift - Book Lover - You're More Beautiful Than

A romantic and geeky mathematical message printed onto a beautiful old page from a little maths textbook. Youre more beautiful than... This sentimental and humorous design makes a romantic gift for the geek and book lover in your life, and Euler’s Identity is considered to be the most elegant formula mathematics. The page is taken from a small a-format textbook and the piece measures approximately 12cm x 18cm (approx 5 inches x 7 inches). There is approx 0.3cm of black frame showing…

from Caffeine Queen Teacher

Area, Perimeter, and Circumference Formula Flapbook Foldable! WOW!

Area, Perimeter, and Circumference foldable - flip book format


For Bea, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, that quirky adorable ray of sunshine sent to make a man's life better, was just a trope . . . until one (named Toile) flitted into her homeroom in a granny cardigan and affected French accent and stole her boyfriend, Jesse. But never fear: math genius Bea devises "the formula," a foolproof (and mathematically proven) route to high-school popularity, which propels her bullied friends Spencer and Gabe to the top of the hierarchy and turns Bea into Trixie.

Point-Slope Form Foldable Today, my Algebra 1 students learned about point-slope form. This is the third and final form of a linear equation we will cover. At first, my students were apprehensive about the new formula, but they quickly warmed up to it. Today, we focused on writing equations in point-slope form and finding the slope and coordinates of the point from the equation. Tomorrow, we will review this and create the following foldable. P1

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Calculus Derivative Formulas Flip Book Foldable

My Students LOVE this!!! Perfect for ALL calculus students, AB, BC, Honors and College!! This new Flip Book includes all 24 derivative formulas that students must learn to succeed in Calculus, plus some hints and examples. Two versions of the flip book are included, one with the formulas typed in and the other for the students to fill in themselves. The Flip Book is a perfect size- and oh so easy to put together - paper saver, too.


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