{5 Must-Read Roald Dahl Movie Pairings} Cute way to get your kids to read...
Community Post: Life Lessons From 90s Movies
This might well be the quote that really galvanized my love of books and wanting to write
48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old -- Prepare to have your mind blown. (Meryl Streep at the end ftw!!)
"We are revolting children, living in revolting times! We sing revolting songs, using revolting rhymes." ― Matilda the Musical | Hosh Kids, Kids Drama & Theater (ages 5-13)
Little Girls Maxi Dress Flower Girl Dress Little by ninislove
UPDATE: Our contest is now closed. Congratulations to Sherlock B. and Brittany B! We sent a little message your way on Pinterest so be on the lookout as we have some sweet pieces ready for their new homes. Thank you all for joining us and our pals at Matilda Jane Clothing for a little Pinterest fun!
Bunheads was my gateway to Broadway. I was a goner the moment I learned who Sutton Foster was.