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Matrix Exponential

4c-4x FOR LIFE! 4c-4x is a new innovative system that combines the power of MLM with the consistency and profit generating nature of Forex Trading. 4c-4x is a dual business synergy combining a powerful 4x6 matrix plan with a solid, exponential and powerful Forex trading platform. The two companies are Four Corners Alliance Group and Crowd4x

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Phi / The Golden Proportion in Culture | nature's word : musings on sacred geometry

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suiigyouretsugyouretsunosisuukansuu: Transition Matrix and Matrix Exponential (Japanese Edition)

At the beginning of 2016 the World Economic Forum set the tone of embarking on a totally new world. A fourth industrial revolution of our energy, communication, logistics matrix. A fourth digital era of open-source, transparent collaboration. An intelligent Internet-of-Things (iot) set in motion to transform life as we know it. Entire markets are disrupted by technology. Fortune 500 companies are disappearing. An exponential acceleration toward singularity is unfolding.

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Marketing The organization needed a capitalization and marketing plan with no upfront cost, exponential reach, and sustainability. There simply wasn’t capital for production or advertising campaigns. In addition, member programmers did not want to be ‘pitch men’ for investors or clients. Following a great deal of research and debate, they landed upon the concept of MATRIX MARKETING.

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funmin_g. 1-D guaranteed global minimum value on [a,b] and the subset containing optimal solutions>MATLAB Examples

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