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Matt Smith has to be the most attractive man alive.> third. Benedict Cumberbatch, then David Tennant, THEN Matt smith. :P

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Oh, I don't think this is quite fair, I know Matt loves the show a lot too. But of the two, David IS probably the bigger fanboy... So I suppose I'll go along with it. Anyway, it's adorable regardless.

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Matt Smith in a fez. Is there a difference between the actors and their respective Doctors?

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"Matt Smith in all his awkward/gangly awesomeness!" - He looks like a rock star. :-) cuuuuutttteeeyyyyyy

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Both Matt Smith and David Tennant treat their little fans with such respect! Makes me love them that much more!!

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From the Timelord's archive.. The 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

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