How to Use Acrylic Painting Texture Medium: What is Texture Medium?

Here's how to create interesting texture using acrylic texture medium

A step-by-step demo showing how to create visually interesting texture in painting using acrylic texture medium or paste.: What is Texture Medium?

“Matte gel nails ”

“Matte gel nails ” Any nail polish can be turned into a matte color by adding cornstarch.

This color is... drum roll.... Kiko - 365 tattoo rose. The Best Tips And Ideas From 2016 and 2017 For Colors (Colour), Matte, Gel, Design, and Shape.  Everything From Acrylic To Shellac, To Simple To Glitter.  Different Shapes like Coffin, Almond, Long, Short, and Stiletto.  Try Glitter, Burgundy, Maroon, Thanksgiving Looks In October and November.  Simple, Fun, and DIY

This color is Kiko - 365 tattoo rose. It's, of course, not currently being sold. I've seen a lot of posts that say that Essi angora cardi is similar, but that color seems darker to me.

OPI Suzi - The First Lady of Nails // @kelliegonzoblog

Must Try Fall Nail Designs and Ideas 2017

OPI Suzi - The First Lady of Nails I need this! My fave color!