That face! Those Eyes, That little smile like he knows something we don't. That MAN!

I should really just make a Matthew Crawley/Dan Stevens board but that may be a bit much.

Matthew Crawley  | More Downton Abbey photos here:

Cousin Matthew, Seventh Earl of Grantham: Downton Abbey’s Edwardian Hunk

What a handsome, handsome man. Dan Stevens a. Matthew Crawley of Downton Abbey.

Ignite your passion with your special one...constantly.

💞Lady Mary Crawley & Matthew Crawley 💞 Downton Abbey I love Emma but Dan and Michelle are OTP😍

Matthew and Mary from Downton Abbey by ~thaisbristotti on deviantART

Would you stay? If I asked you to? Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey, Mary and Matthew

Matthew Crawley -  You ruined the whole show, when you left!  I miss you, more than Lady Mary, does!

Downton Abby Matthew Crawley - the only blonde actor I have ever found attractive.

Matthew  | More Downton Abbey photos here:

Matthew is overwhelmed when He finds out both Lavinia and her father Reggie had both forgiven him for loving Lady Mary Crawley. He agrees to accept the inheritance. Downton Abbey is saved!

Downton Abbey - Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley: the laugh

my all time fav scene :) GOOD GOD !Downton Abbey - Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley: the laugh

.Matthew...Newly Home From the War...So Stunning...So Confused...So Brokenhearted...Soon That Would Change!!

sentimientodivino: “ “ “Goodbye then… and such good luck!” “Goodbye Mary, and God bless you.

Pinning lots of Matthew+Mary pictures to deal with the trauma of that last episode of season 3. Pretending it never happened. *cries*

Till Downton Do Us Part: Matthew and Mary's Wedding Album

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Dan Stevens and Allen Leech bromance lives on!

Dan Stevens and Allen Leech bromance lives on - even if Matthew Crawley…

Dan Stevens - oh well, heyyy. look at you with facial hair, my friend

Downton Abbey Addicts: A New Role For Former 'Downton Abbey' Star Dan Stevens