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Maze Runner — Webber Design 2014 Poster Design Awards Nominee! Saul Bass, then Ocean's Eleven.

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Hopi Silver Dish c.1940 Silver dish with "Man in the Maze" design

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An unusual Egg shaped maze. The Duke of Varmland Maze, Saby, Sweden, designed by Adrian Fisher. Actually this image is upside down. The other way up a tree is visible with adam and eve either side. Its heavy with symbolism, including an eagle and a serpent. Its a typical Fisher design though interestingly the maze differs in subtle ways from his original paper design (ref: secrets of the maze by Adrian Fisher)

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32 Of The Most Beautiful Book Covers Of 2014

Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle As it works its way backward, this labyrinthine tale reveals the life of Sean Phillips. He masterminds a mail-based role-playing game after suffering a disfiguring injury—and might be to blame for the death of a gamer.

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Maze Icon

Very simple but drives the point across well. The shading is everything in this composition and is done with precision. The light source is consistent

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