Matt keeps telling me to read this verse over and over. I have such a hard time dealing with thoughtless mean spirited people that put me down and are dissapointing. I pray to handle them better. Matthew 5:44-47

Funny Reminders Ecard: You might think you're an 'honest' person, but being mean-spirited, insecure, and jealous is not the same as being honest.-- LOL!!! this, is true!

Prayers for PEACE! - Lord, please We are praying for P E A C E. Let all the people come together as one under the guidance from God Our Father. Please let all the bitterness against Trump come to an end. We pray for all the violence and angry to stop. Lord, we are praying for love and peace to enter into the hearts of those that are keeping up this nasty mean spirited hatred. We are asking for these people and leadersto please do some soul searching. We voted our leaders into office for a…

I will continue to treat people with kindness even when they try to trample over me emotionally. I`ll be triumphant in the end.

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