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Irish Names for Girls. Popular and Unique Irish Girls Names and Irish Baby Names with their Gaelic meaning and origins.

Surname Origin & Last Name Meanings. Free Family Name Dictionary with Family History & Genealogy Resources by Ancestor Search

Baby Boy Name: Morris. Meaning: Dark. Origin: Medieval Form of the Name Maurice, After St. Maurice, a 3rd Century Roman Soldier Martyred for His Christian Faith.

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Uncover the meaning of your Polish last name with this overview of the origins of Polish surnames, along with meanings for fifty of the most common last names of Poland.

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Sophia, Meaning of Sophia, Sophia name meaning, Sophia letter art name , Sophia first name meaning, Sophia Alphabet Photography, What does Sophia mean, Gift for Sophia? Downloadable Images

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Leandre For a Boy Meaning: The French form of Leander, meaning “lion.” Read more: 17 French Baby Names That Are Prime for an American Takeover | Entertainment | PureWow National Sign Up For PureWow's Daily Email


Understanding Hebrew names In the table below you can see the Hebrew name of each one of the sons of Ya’akov who became the 12 tribes and their English names and in the third column you can see the words they derived from. You can pay attention to the similitude between them, for example: אשר – אושר, for Asher, and the meanings behind their root words.


Name Meaning Mat Insert for 8x10 frame - holds 5x7 photo - First Name Meaning - Personalized Baby Name Meaning - Custom Name Meaning by JennysFrameworks on Etsy

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Scott, Meaning of Scott, Scott name meaning, Scott letter art name , Scott first name meaning, Scott Alphabet Photography, What does Scott mean, Gift for Scott? Downloadable Images

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Surname Origin Home Decor Surname Ancestry Gift - Last Name Origin. Unique Gift Idea for all occasions. ANY name designed using our stunning letter art images. We design gifts with meaning - Artwork, Heritage, Craft - all in one. Have you ever wondered “what does my last name mean”?