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Interesting. I've noticed this about myself. It's not even something I'm consciously doing, it just happens, and it doesn't mean I'm being insincere either. Somehow, without meaning to, I find the part of myself that recognizes them on their ground. Problem is, few people know how to see me on mine.

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I'm terrified of someone being in the house or breaking into the house when I'm home alone. Anyone else?

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"I just always assumed, you know? After the blast..." His words trailed off, the tone an equivalent of a shrug.

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1.Eggs-If you're looking for breakfast options, eggs are packed with protein and a great ingredient to help build the muscles in your backside. Just make sure to limit to two eggs per serving since they're high in cholestrol. 2.Kale-Dropping the amount of calories you consume will be essential in rocking the booty pants you want with confidence. Replace foods high in fat with leafy greens like kale, which are packed with vitamins and minerals to help pump up your matabolism. 3.Chicken-White…

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Ahh the fun of mondays...Hope you all had a blast! If youve contributed to my kickstarter ( link in my bio above ) then I would like to thank you for getting me to 200 percent funded in a little over 4 days!! WOW never wouldve thought...Im emotionally drained and dont derseve all the kindness...! If you havent seen my kickstarter then look it over if you would please. If you really would like to support it please share as it means a lot.. A quick pencil dook today. Thank you thank you thank…

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Chasmosaurus is a genus of ceratopsiddinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Period of North America. Its name means 'opening lizard', referring to the large openings (fenestrae) in its frill (Greekchasma meaning 'opening' or 'hollow' or 'gulf' and sauros meaning 'lizard'). With a length of 5–6 metres (16–20 ft) and a weight of 3.6 tonnes (4.0 short tons), Chasmosaurus was a ceratopsian of average size. Like all ceratopsians, it was purely herbivorous

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Whoops I guess that means we live longer *evil laugh*

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Hockey Means; The best 2.5 hours of my day no matter what I did that day. Putting all your troubles and stress aside and having a blast. Not going to the party because my favorite team plays that night..

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drunk...refers to wooden sailing ships of old when EVERY sail was down and full of wind...Full blast if you will

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