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Meaning Of Enormous

I love amethyst in all of its richer and subtler shades. I used to have an enormous amethyst geode - the exterior was green and inside was a cave of wonders. Sadly, it broke. I still have big chunks though! :P


Black & White | You guys!! Ashley @arrowsandbow's #currenthomeview is just stunning! I mean the rug, the pillows, and that basket! Plus the fact that she has that enormous fig is making me very jealous of her green thumb. In other words, I'm obsessed. So glad you tagged your #currenthomeview Ashley! Be sure to keep tagging friends so @biggerthanthethreeofus and I can keep sharing your amazing homes!!


Only partially true - AND not quite the way things are since, on the physical plane, we observe from a common database of vibrations, perceptions and interpretations (which biases the probability factor) ~mgh


Another 10 Geological Wonders You Didn't Know About

The Valley of the Moon (Argentina)- "Ischigualasto, meaning “the place where you put the moon” is a remote valley in Argentina. It is studded with geological formations left by wind erosion, amazing standing stones and boulders that are so rounded they look like enormous marbles."


Xieng Khuan is a Buddha park in Vientiane, Laos by the Mekong River. Referred to as Wat Xieng Khuan means Spirit City. At the top, where the entire park is visible an enormous 40m high reclining Buddha, also a park attraction. The reclining posture may represent the Buddha resting but usually represents the mahāparinabbāna: the Buddha's final state of enlightenment before his death.


清水次郎長 Shimizu Jirocho (1820-1893) was the legendary "Robin Hood" figure of Japan, one of the undefeated swordsmen in Japan whose reputation eventually earned him the highest certificate of ability from the greatest swordsmen of the modern (Meiji) era, Yamaoka Tesshu. The Tesshu line was to have an enormous influence on Tohei Sensei through misogi training at the Ichikukai, and Ki Society students will recognize the meaning of a story about Jirocho's swordsmanship.