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Meaning of glitch

cool Bo2 gold rush wonderful glitch wasn't which means to occur Check more at

glitched helvetica. Making a 'perfect' typeface slightly imperfect. I see this as clear information being distorted, changed and manipulated by digital technological means. Once a handmade typeface is digitally corrupted. I'm going to experiment with this, maybe create a typeface around this. It even could be made into the project's main logo/title.

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But I think that great and terrifying are supposed to describe the same thing in Car radio. I have my own meaning of this song, but I think, that great things are often terrifying

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Bill and Dipper >>> Whoa there man, let go of his neck or else something very, and mean very, bad will happen....

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Just watched the Christmas Invasion and this is the first thing I thought when I heard that line.

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