Meaning of glitch

glitched helvetica. Making a 'perfect' typeface slightly imperfect. I see this as clear information being distorted, changed and manipulated by digital technological means. Once a handmade typeface is digitally corrupted. I'm going to experiment with this, maybe create a typeface around this. It even could be made into the project's main logo/title.

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But I think that great and terrifying are supposed to describe the same thing in Car radio. I have my own meaning of this song, but I think, that great things are often terrifying

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Cubomania is a method of making collages in which a picture or image is cut into squares and the squares are then reassembled without regard for the image. The technique was first used by the Romanian surrealist Gherasim Luca. This definition of cubomania is to be distinguished from the use of the word to mean "obsession with cubes."

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HOW MUCH FREEDOM? By John F. Sugg You're totally on board with “religious freedom," right? Me too. Most people are. But there's a glitch. An overabundance of religious liberty for some people (and even companies) could mean less liberty for, well, you. That conundrum gets really sticky when you try to define “religious freedom." Separately, we more or less know what “religious" and “freedom" mean. Together, we think we know—but do we? Example: In many states, legislators are…

Assassin's Creed Unity Banner: Unity looks SOOO good and I wish I could be excited for it, but honestly I'm pretty angry at the Assassin's Creed creators because it won't be available for last generation consoles, meaning those of us that have BEEN WITH THE FRANCHISE SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING ARE FORCED TO BUY A NEW CONSOLE THAT ISN'T EVEN BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE JUST TO PLAY THE NEW INSTALLMENT. AND THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR CONSIDERING HOW EXPENSIVE THESE GAMES ARE ALREADY. I mean, come on.

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