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Inspiring Quotes For The New Year

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Politicians need some explaining for me !!! Hmm. Karma is the cycle of life more than you get what you give kinda thing. Karma is funny. I think it's kinda bullshit. It's like a garden where you plant carrots n you tend to them and water them and they are beautiful but just before you go to pick them a rabbit comes and eats them So what should happen to the bunny? does that mean he deserves to be eaten?? hmm..

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Let's talk about karma. This word is rooted in sanskrit which means "doing". In other words "karma" translates to "doing" which in return it means that whatever happens to you is your own doing. No matter what happens it is your own doing in one way or another. Everything comes back to you simply because it is your own doing or your own karma. Karma is not a chain that imprisones anyone unless we refuse to take responsibility for the life we live. In which case we go around blaming everyone…

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