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Preserving meat without cold storage is a lost art. People don’t know what to do when their refrigeration breaks. This means that if you were in a situation where a twister takes out your power, or a hurricane leaves you with out the convenience of electricity, your meat could be sitting inside your refrigerator… rotting. … Continue reading »

3’s Word of the Day - ripsnorter - Informal. something or someone remarkably good or exciting.

from Allie Williams

The Rollercoaster Wife: 7 Must-Dos to Have a Successful First Year Starting a Business from Home

7 Must Dos to Have a Successful First Year Starting a Business << Allie Williams // Shannon Whittington

from How to Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Setup: November 2016

November, the month of autumn that turns into winter. It all reminds me of falling leaves, twigs, warm sweaters, the fireplace, a lot of cosiness and of course hot chocolate! It’s one of my favorite months of the year and I’m already looking forward to Christmas! Novembers theme was a little different. Most of the time I choose one theme and stick with it. This month I choose for the theme: Building. And with this I mean special and populair buildings in different cities of the world.

from Kindergarten Nana

The Pledge of Allegiance

Love this for teaching the little ones what the words in the Pledge of Allegiance mean! Great sight for teaching ideas.


I want to leave, cut myself off from everything. Literally all forms of communication. I want to explore and live for me, for just a little while. I want to lie in my bed and stay there forever.

from Energy Muse Jewelry

Ocean Jasper Stone

°Ocean Jasper encourages feelings of lifted spirits, joy & happiness. It helps you to release negative feelings & energy, leaving you more optimistic & confident. It also carries a strong healing, heart-based energy.


maybe i don't deserve to call myself broken. instead i am closer to pointless, like sundials in the age of digital watches. a few people keep me in their gardens and sometimes they try to figure out what my darkness means, but in the end they always leave. it doesn't even matter if i manage to be pretty, no matter what i do, being around me will never be easy.