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Meaning Of Mould

The Pompadour Mantel for living room

Being able to quickly and easily make a mould means you can make clay, resin and concrete versions of pretty much anything!


The hot runner mould injection actually comprises of different series of channels by means of which it distributes the molten plastic with the help of a mold.

Oil of Cloves - Remove mould and mildew from any surface


making tiles at Natalie Blake Studios


It is one very big mould for 'Big Vase' by Max Lamb which forms part of the Icon Collection for 1882 Ltd. The sheer scale and physicality of making this piece means that they are limited edition. Only 25 will be made. Available now @_mintshop_ #1882ltd #maxlamb#bigvase#limitededition#finebonechina#icon##design#industrialdesign#craft#industrialcraft#ceramics#madeinengland#stokeontrent #love#instagood#tbt#photooftheday#instamood#beautiful#picoftheday#bestoftheday

Image source: every human being an inner core of resilience, determination and faithful optimism vibrates and styles the shape of our experiences and realities.According thus to person-centered approaches in psychology theory, the human experience is moulded not by predetermined cognitive, biological or environmental influences alone, but is configured through the potentiality of the self to…

from Yoga Journal

The Meaning of Mala Beads + How to Use them for Mantra Meditation

The Meaning of Malas More than just beautiful adornment, malas are powerful and symbolic tools for meditation.

from DCAD Library's Blog

Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts presents “The psychology of color”

"Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts is a full-service boutique design collective based in Denver, CO specializing in branding, packaging, identity, corporate collateral, point of purchase, direct mail and...:


Unlearning: The Top Secret To Being Successful byTony Ogunlowo We all want to be successful in life; whether it is in our professional or private lives.We want successful relationships successful careers and we want to be seen as being successful in everything we do in the eyes of the world. Schools of thought will have us believe that to be successful you need to harness your talent; work hard and itll all work out.They are wrong!The true secret to being successful in life is to un-learn…