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Meaning Of Mould

from Trouva

Abbeyhorn Medium - Horn Bowls

Made from ox horn at one of the few remaining horn mills in the UK. The striking natural markings result from the horn; it is formed into shape through gentle heating which allows the horn to be moulded. Please note that natural variations of colour mean that no two bowls will look the same.

武士道, Bushidō?), meaning "Way of the Warrior", is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of life, loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry.


This picture shows a multi impression mould. This type of mould allows a number of the same item to be produced simultaneously meaning more parts can be produced in the same time it would take to produce one part in a single impression mould.

Seams collection stems from the studio’s research into creating mass-produced products with one off details by manipulating a traditional ceramic manufacturing process. They began the project with a study into the slip casting process to establish how it could be utilised to introduce decorative elements to the product without a secondary decorating process. The components of the mould can be rotated to various positions for every piece produced, meaning no two are identical.

First off I'm not really sure if I painted the original in 1996 but it was around that time and 1996 to 2016 is a nice (2 decade) round number. Here is my then vs now.... I've seen a few images lately of people sharing their first ever painted minis I never took photos of my first Mini and If I had it would have been on film not digital. I thought I had taken pictures of the one above (right) before I started this process but unfortunately I didn't do that either so I'm comparing to one of…

used materials... telephone directories, moulded kraft paper, potato sacks & 2nd hand clothing The meaning of a piece can arise from the great number & anonymity of the clothes’ former owners, such as in her jacket installations, or from the personal memories & emotions of the people who have used the objects. There in the street, in the countryside, are mountains of clothes, kilometers & kilometers of clothes strung together with each other that take on new symbolic meaning. ~ Kaarina…

(Posted from A few good mould manufacturing factory pictures I identified: Tudor Grange Property – off Blossomfield Road, Solihull Image by ell brown I’ve been meaning to get images of this property for a whilst. As it was where Alfred Bird of Bird’s Custard lived. It is Tudor Grange... Read more on

Use the Easter Time chocolate mould to celebrate the true meaning of Easter with this chocolate cross a mould from the NZ made chocolate mould range.

Manure Rake / Poo Picker - a heavy duty version of the cheaply made and widely available poo pickers, we make ours from solid 6mm round bar, with a 3mm thick scraper bar at the top, fixed onto a 3/4" dia tubular handle with a moulded pvc grip.It is finished in 2 coats of gloss black.measures approx 90cm long.NOTE - This is for the poo picker only - Does NOT come with a bucket / scoop of any type.Heavy Duty means made from thicker materials which also means it will weigh a...