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The American Flag: Pride, Patriotism, Freedom & Honor. How to fold the American Flag.
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Patriotic Outfit and Recent Finds. Nautical Red and White striped midi dress - button up Chambray shirt - Panama hat - Tenni Sandal - Chanel sunglasses - blush perf Avalon Tote. Click on the following link to see all of the photos and outfit details:

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These are the lessons we need in public schools. I was never taught the true meaning of the folding of the flag until recently...sad...

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Just because a President says the health care is going to be affordable doesn't mean it isn't your responsibility to fact check. It is not affordable to most people. Great numbers of people can't keep their Doctor's. Doctor's retiring early as less reimbursements from insurance companies having to insure low premium holders and not getting enough premiums from those paying the higher premiums. So insurance companies won't take the loss, they'll pass them onto the Doctor's and Hospitals.

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Love this for teaching the little ones what the words in the Pledge of Allegiance mean! Great sight for teaching ideas.

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Maximilien Robespierre. What he said. Here is the reason a centralized, public education system will NEVER be trustworthy as the primary source of knowledge, learning or wisdom. Only privately-funded diversity in information sources empower the process of gathering in, sifting through and selection of the best ideas. Throwing money at a public education system is the height of ignorance...regardless of whether or not you still claim a political party. I don't.

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