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What Was the Meaning of the Brazen Altar of the Tabernacle?

What Was the Meaning of the Brazen Altar of the Tabernacle?: Brazen Altar…

“In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy and Severity. Standing before the gate of King Solomon’s Temple, these columns had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When interpreted Qabbalistically, the names of the two pillars mean “In strength shall My House be established. “In the splendor of mental and spiritual illumination, the High Priest stood between the pillars as a mute witness to the perfect virtue of…


In Irish mythology, Nuada or Nuadu (modern spelling: Nuadha), known by the epithet Airgetlám (modern spelling:  Airgeatlámh, meaning “silver hand/arm”), was the first king of the  Tuatha Dé Danann. He is cognate with the Gaulish and British god  Nodens. His Welsh equivalent is Nudd or Lludd Llaw Eraint. Nuada was king of the  Tuatha Dé Danann for seven years before they came to Ireland.

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Pagan Virtues

Things are what direction we take them rather than static symbols. To a person who has "Satan vision," this is evil. To someone else, religious or not, it seems to have a lot to do with living demonstrative character and virtues.


Elle King sings "I Told You I was Mean" - Legends of La La Absolutely brilliant- amazing voice