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♥ Purple? Spiritual, intuitive, maybe a little mysterious. Those are common ‘purple people’ qualities. Click for more my favorite color is purple meaning. #paint #color #purple color psychology

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One of my two favorite colors is purple...and I do not think I am impractical, but most of the other descriptors do apply.

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Man at the dawn of civilization recognized that sunlight was essential to life. Color, being a manifestation of light, held divine meaning. Historical records of color show little interest in the physical nature of color, nor yet in its abstract beauty, but in symbolism that attempted to resolve the strange workings of creation and give it personal and human meaning. —Faber Birren

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The Color Wheel A Magnificent Purple Reign

The color Purple~ represents the Crown Chakra and spiritual enlightenment ~ eating foods purple in color will provide much needed nutrition for the eye chakra and crown chakra. Surround yourself with purple light...only love penetrates purple light:) and

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Only if you keep them out of your pockets. Otherwise it hints of a nursery rhyme about a plague. Violet More

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the meaning of the color purple-want to paint this on a canvas- as if it were not obvious I obsess on purple-even my 4 year old daughter searches her drawer for a purple item to wear every day!

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One of my favorite colors since childhood. I recall coloring everything in purple: sun, flowers, etc..

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