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Meaning Of Savage

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In the Lion King, the hyena's name, Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena, actually means Uncivilized, Uncouth, Barbarous, Savage, Heathen! And Timon asked that to be his "bride"!! Think of the children!!

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10 of the largest insects in the world

Tarantula hawk. These enormous wasps are so large and ferocious that they are capable of hunting and feeding on tarantulas. Their legs have hooks on the ends which they use to latch onto their victims, and their stinger (which can be as long as a third of an inch) is rated as among the most painful in the world. Luckily, they are mostly docile unless harassed, but this is one mean bug you wouldn't want to encounter!


Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely | I have a soft spot for this song. This sad ballad was the first song that my 10-year-old self ever considered to be 'great'. I may have heard much more emotionally-moving songs ever since, but SMTMOBL surprisingly still works beyond nostalgia. It ranks up there with the best of Savage Garden's ballads. Read more:

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The "Waco Horror" still reverberates, 100 years later

"They carved his charred body into souvenirs and dragged it around town." The gruesome public mutilation of a 17-year-old farmhand in 1916 helped give rise to the NAACP, but became a forgotten event for decades


Dija Opens Up On Why She Has Never Recorded Any Music with Tiwa Savage Singer DiJa recently sat down with LIB to talk music and her career with Mavin record.The Awww crooner opened up on a of of things starting from her style if music to her career with Mavin and thoughts on owning a record label anytime soon.Read excerpts from the interview: Lets get back to music. Your music kind of stands out from what every other Mavin artiste does. How have you been able to maintain your distinct…

❛Adam Savage❜ TED2016: My love letter to cosplay • "Adam Savage makes things and builds experiments, and he uses costumes to add humor, color and clarity to the stories he tells. Tracing his lifelong love of costumes — from a childhood space helmet made of an ice cream tub to a No-Face costume he wore to Comic-Con — Savage explores the world of cosplay and the meaning it creates for its community. "We're connecting with something important inside of us,' …"