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Dicover the Meaning of Christmas: Understanding the Holiday Symbols

Legend of The Meaning of Christmas Symbols

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Dicover the Meaning of Christmas: Understanding the Holiday Symbols


the ankh, the djed and the w3s sceptres their surface meanings are life, stability and dominion their inner meanings in the context of this grouping are Isis, Osiris and Set .:. .:. the triadic blessing of the Three Powers - the djed pillar of Osiris and the w3s sceptre topped by the head of Set flank the ankh which in this context may also been seen as the ankh / tiyet as a symbol of the Goddess as Isis .:.

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World Map with Place Names Swapped Out for Their Original Meanings

Gandalf wearing sunglasses on the set of The Hobbit

Three Kings Set Three Kings Set; 3 Kings rendered in an artful, contemporary style in this captivating figurine set; Makes a lovely gift, and an inspiring reminder of the true meaning of the holidays; Perfect table top accent pieces Porcelain #Figurine #TableHome #HomeAccessories

Cuauhtémoc (meaning ‘Setting Sun’ or ‘Descending Eagle’) was the 11th Tlatoani (literally meaning ‘speaker’, but may also be translated as ‘king’) of Te

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Sycamore Wood Rune Set

This Rune set is made from Sycamore wood. The rune symbols are carved into the wood and burned in. There are 25 runes in this set, including the Wyrd (blank) rune. The set comes in a Mesh bag to protect the runes from harm and so you can carry them around with you! There is also a sheet of the runes and their meanings included.


The headdress of Seshat was also her hieroglyph which may represent either a stylized flower or seven pointed star on a standing goddess that is beneath a set of down-turned horns. The horns may have originally been a crescent, linking Seshat to the moon and hence to her spouse, the moon god of writing and knowledge, Thoth. Safekh-Aubi (Sefekh-Aubi) is a title that came from Seshat's headdress, that may have become an aspect of Seshat or an actual goddess. Safekh-Aubi means 'She Who Wears…