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Meaning Of Stark

Tony Stark. We tend to forget that the arc reactor housing is literally fused to his ribcage now, as in YINSEN HAD TO SAW OUT HIS STERNUM (without decent painkillers or sterile working conditions, and they probably can't go back and fix it up because messing with the baseplate too much could kill him). I think Tony deserves some credit for not being more messed up than he is. I mean, wow. He should be taking it easy on a beach somewhere for the rest of his life.

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"What do you mean it's inappropriate to have 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC playing at my funeral?" AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

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Jon Snow on

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Do you believe in these 6 things? They are the beliefs that make Christmas wonderful....Belief in Santa stands in stark contrast to these beliefs that bring the true meaning and spirit of Christmas into our hearts.

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Can I help you? by *MisterKay This artist, is fantabulous! Absolutley wonderful! They also ship tony and Stark, which of course I couldn't resist doing after seeing the Avengers movie! I mean, Cap'n and Stark are just adorable together!

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