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And the world spoke to me and my boyfriend on August 4th,2013 because that's when we stopped separating and got together permanently....because we are meant to be together<3 :)

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Hahah. I laughed but honestly I believe if it is meant to be it will be someday, somewhere, somehow...if it's meant to be! Forget the mistakes you make with timing.

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Jacob.. I think he used to like me(I saw him always looking at me, and when I would look, he would smile) but I didn't have much interest at the time. Now I really like him, but he's not showing interest anymore :(

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Best Motivational Quotes, 30 Quotes Collection

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Life is meant to live without rules..without expectations & especially without putting limitations for simply living & loving freely and for me it's Only by my own rules..that means I break every rule that's placed on me! I won't be chained, tied or restricted from being wildly free.. That my dear is ME being absolutely real!!

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I knew it in HS too Bad I didn't follow my Intuition and took a left turn. You know it's meant to be when God brings you back together at the right and precise Time!

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