Meanwhile In Russia

In Soviet Russia, pikachu catches you

‘Meanwhile in Russia’ compilation… this made me laugh so hard. the chair below the door lmao

‘Meanwhile in Russia’ compilation…

Funny pictures about 'Meanwhile in Russia' compilation. Oh, and cool pics about 'Meanwhile in Russia' compilation. Also, 'Meanwhile in Russia' compilation.

Meanwhile, In Russia...

Shit just go serious: Road Sign reads 'Speed limit enforced by Sniper!

Everything is under control, boss.

Everything is under control, boss. A pigeon salutes

Funny Russia – Meanwhile in mother Russia | PMSLweb

Funny Russia – How surprised would you be if we told you that the famous game “Tetris” originated from Russia (starts to make sense doesn’t it…).

Meanwhile in Russia... image - Tank Lovers Group - Mod DB

View the Mod DB Tank Lovers Group image Meanwhile in Russia.

Meanwhile in Russia...

Funny pictures about Cop Cars Around The World. Oh, and cool pics about Cop Cars Around The World. Also, Cop Cars Around The World photos.

Meanwhile in Russia...once some guys beat up my dad so he learned to fight and the next day beat them alllllll up

Meanwhile in Russia

Silly Russians, Bullets Are Meant To Kill You. - The best funny pictures

In Soviet Russia...

Just Russia Things - RandomOverload

Meanwhile in the world…

Meanwhile in the world…

Why is trash throwing it back?<<In Soviet Russia, trash can throws trash in you!<are we just not gonna talk about italy<< what about finland?