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ESP8266(ESP-12F) + DHT11 + NodeMCU Code Need to measure Humidity or temperature in ESP8266 its very simple. many people ...

Temperatures for crested geckos. Aim for about 75 degrees F. Make sure you have a thermometer AND hygrometer to measure humidity.


The Smart Citizen Kit Open Environmental Monitoring Platform

Smart Citizen Kit -- Open Arduino-controlled environmental sensors, Kickstarter project has kits available


Miami, FL

If you aren't sure that you have mold, our experts can assess your site using special equipment that can detect the hidden moisture and measure humidity levels in the building materials of your property.

10" Dried Orange Wreath - Kitchen Wreath - Dried Fall Wreath - Fall Decor - Rustic Wreath

This beautiful fall wreath includes dried materials like dried orange slices, cinamon sticks and star anise. This wreath will last a long time if kept and out of sunlight and humidity. Measures: 10 Thank you so much for stopping by! SteliosArt


At varying times, you’ll need to measure humidity/temp/air quality. Thankfully many manufacturers make all-in-one #meters. #SummitCollege