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Meck Sheriff

"Nahum Meck, the only Jew hanged in the Kovno ghetto, was publicly executed after having fired a gun into the air when caught trying to escape from the ghetto. According to Leib Garfunkel, deputy chairman of the Jewish Council, Meck was en route to a meeting with a group of Lithuanians interested in smuggling Jews to Sweden in exchange for large sums of money." The mother and sister of Meck were executed the next day at IX Fort.

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"Ruchla Zylberberg lived in the village of Zawichost. Her father fled to the USSR. In 1941 at the age of 8, she was deported with her mother and sister Esther to Auschwitz, where those two were killed. Ruchla remained in the children's barracks in the camp. In December 1944 she was sent, together with 19 other Jewish children ages 5 - 12, to the Neuengamme camp near Hamburg, where they were subjected to medical experimentaton, then on April 20, 1945, were taken to a school building and…

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Riga, Latvia, Three Jewish women in the street. The Jews were forbidden to walk on of the many new laws against Jews

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Babi Yar, a ravine at the outskirts of Kiev. On September 29 - 30, 1941, more than 30,000 Jews were killed by machine gun at the hands of an SS mobile killing unit and Ukrainian volunteers. The ravine continued to be used for the execution of civilians and of Russian prisoners of war. At the end of the German occupation, Babi Yar had become a mass grave for over 100,000 people.

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Buckow, Germany, an antisemitic sign at the entrance to the city, "It is forbidden for Jews to breath the air".

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The completely destroyed Kovno Ghetto, 1944. In July 1944, the Germans blew up and burned down the Ghetto in search of Jews in hiding there.

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