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Medical robots do not only exist in sci-fi movies, they are coming to healthcare. Here are the 9 most exciting medical robot facts.

Robots Are Now Precision Surgical Assistants | Yanko Design


Today in Robot News: Enjoy this list of 'The Coolest Medical #Robots in Sci-fi Movies'.

Robot with sense of touch to allow surgeons to operate remotely Read more Technology News Here --> During keyhole surgery surgeons typically rely on sight as they remotely control the delicate operation. A new robot promises to give them one important extra sense: touch. The invention revealed Wednesday at the Australasian Simulation Congress in Melbourne Australia is called the HeroSurg. Created by a team at Australia's Deakin University as well as…

Deep Learning Deep Learning is without doubt the hottest topic in machine learning and data science. It has fueled our imagination on what artificial intelligence will be able to achieve in the near future from self-driving cars to personal digital assistants medical diagnosis and robotics. @tachyeonz

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Medical robot. Medical operation involving robot. Robotic Surgery. Manipulators performing surgery on a man.

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RE.WORK Speaker Bradley Nelson at TEDxZurich -Building Medical Robots, Bacteria sized: - YouTube video