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Flowery uterus feminist collage Woman gift Medicine student gift- Wall decor art, Anatomical home decor, Pregnancy gift WP201


About 400 students in Jalpaiguri district fell ill after consuming deworming medicine Students complained of nausea stomach ache and headache were admitted to hospitals. The tablets were given to the students as part of Nirmal School Abhijaan a campaign in government schools across the state from August 8 to 13. Doctors said such side effects were common if albendazole pills are taken before food. Mridula Chatterjee the head of pediatric department at North Bengal Medical College and…

Are you interested in how to embark on a rewarding career in veterinary medicine? Students, prospective students and advisors can access information here.

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It doesn’t help anyone to say that all nurses do is put on Band-Aids when they’re actually catching potentially fatal mistakes made by doctors who don’t know the patient as well. | 23 Things People Always Get Completely Wrong About Nurses


Are you right for a Veterinary degree? The field of veterinary medicine comprises professionals who work on behalf of the health and welfare of animals. To study animal medicine, students should attend veterinary school. Veterinary schools offer various degrees and certificates depending on their programs and requirements. Get more info here! #VeterinaryCareers