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A shiver passed through the assembled ranks. One by one they turned their heads and then stood paralyzed at the sight behind them. A creature of immense size and obvious strength perched upon the peak. It lifted its snout and released a jet of blistering white fire, punctuated at the end with a bone-rattling roar. And then it spread golden wings behind it, and stood proudly. A Dragon. The last of its kind.

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Lindorm dragon from the alchemical scrolls of Sir George Ripley, 15th century. Lindorms were most often encountered in churchyards, where they fed on human corpses, and would sometimes invade churches.

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Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764, Folio 91v Doves perch in a peridexion tree, where they are safe from the dragons waiting below. The dragons cannot catch the doves unless they leave the tree.

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