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Meditation Apps Free

Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention from Mindful Magazine. "...this app harnesses that emotional component much more effectively by asking you to input how you feel, mentally and physically comprehensively, and then suggests a variety of meditation practices based on your response."

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The Best Meditation Apps of 2016

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The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

Although we as humans have developed many mechanisms to cope with stress, meditation is a tried-and-true stress-reducing practice that offers many science-backed health benefits like lowered blood pressure and a boost in your immune system. This ancient mindfulness technique teaches you to center your thoughts and slow down the mind in order to achieve a higher level mental clarity. Here, five guided meditation apps to get you started on the path of stress-free living.

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5 Stress-Relief Apps That Will Actually Change Your Life

HEADSPACE: You'll start on level one with just a 10-minute meditation session, complete with calming guidance in a soft, British accent. From there, your challenge is to "Take 10" for 10 days straight. It gives you tips for how to get started with the practice (you start with your eyes open!) — and how to make it a real habit. After the initial 10-day streak, you can pay for more. (App: free-$94.99)

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7 Meditation Apps for Kids

Many parents say meditation is a helpful tool for their kids. More research is needed to understand how meditation might specifically benefit kids with learning and attention issues. But it can be a good way to help all kids cope with stress and "quiet the mind." Here are seven apps to introduce your child to meditation. Try Tech Finder for more:

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20-minute yoga workout for complete beginners

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14 Amazing Apps For Anyone Living With Anxiety

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The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

Meditation is quickly becoming more mainstream, and the benefits are proven. Here are 6 simple ways to begin your own meditation practice. Bonus: My favorite free apps for meditation!

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