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9 Relaxing Stretches You Can Do in Bed

“To be grounded is to be connected to our emotional-electrical currents, to the waves of our needs and images and the rhythms of actions which comprise our physical-psychic processes: the rhythms of the human and the natural ground.” Stanley Keleman

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The Sneaky Cause of Your Sugar Cravings

Prayer is talking while meditating is listening. There are hundreds of ways to meditate, and we tend to make it much harder than it really is. Meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing attention on your breath. Meditation is just being without the noise and barriers of the mind, without expectations and ideas of who you are. You connect with the simplest essence that has no form – your being.

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Shower Meditation, This really works well, I sit down and picture myself sitting in the rain of warm water. TRY IT !!!

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1. In my utopia, individuals will be encouraged to do yoga and meditation to reconnect with themselves and relax, while promoting both physical and mental wellbeing.

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Ooom: Colleges turn to meditation to help you destress

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From Ah! to Om... by christainnewyork: A Meditation Guide for Beginners and Two Guided Meditations (Ujjayi Breathing for Beginners and Chakra Meditation for Beginners). #Meditation More

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