Mediterranean cat toys

Catnip Toys, Blue and Green Pillows, Lime Green Pillows, Mediterranean Blue Pillows, Catnip Pillows, Cute Cat Toys SLICES (4 Pack)

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Dee,here is this beautiful Maltese for you.Nice to meet you Dee I need a name ! Love Ramonita and Me 01/10/15~

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This finely carved ivory doll with moveable arms and legs was found in the grave of a girl approximately five years of age in Tarragona, Spain, a port city south of Barcelona. It dates to the 3rd or 4th century CE. The unusual presence of the doll may indicate that the child was especially dear to her family, or very attached to the doll in life. Museu Nacional Arquelogic de Tarragona (Spain)

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DROPS 128-32 - Knitted DROPS breadbasket in 1 thread ”Ice” or 2 threads "Paris". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

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