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Mediterranean Watering And Irrigation

Hermann Soergel's proposal from the 1920's to dam the straight of Gibraltar and use the water from the Mediterranean to irrigate the Sahara desert.


4 tips for reducing water usage: Plants should be watered early in the morning for minimal evaporation. Set a timer for 5 - 8 am. More specialized irrigation systems that directly respond to local environmental data. We suggest the Solar Sync system by Hunter. Drip irrigation is the most efficient water conserving method and can be used with excellent results for plants and shrubs with low to moderate water requirements.


Aqueducts we're used in many different countries. They were first used in Greece as an underground way to provide water to drinking fountains. The Romans were famous for their aqueducts, which were large arcs that brought water all over the place, like to public baths and decorative fountains.


Clay pot irrigation with Dripping Springs OLLAS. Water your garden by filling the OLLA 2-3 times per week. Use up to 75% less water!


Capturing water in the landscape is often the easiest and most efficient way to store it. Swales help us do that. Learn how to choose the best site for a swale and how to build one.

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