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Shooting with 35mm is usually how most of you probably got introduced to the wonders of film photography. But if you’re anything like me, you’re most likely already itching to move on to bigger and...

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This is my film camera of choice right now. SLR-Like operation with insane image quality. Makes a Hasselblad seem like a point and shoot.

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Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8E TLR Medium Format Film Camera, Serviced by Harry Fleenor

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Hasselblad! :::licks lips:: Emociones encontradas entre una Hasselblad y una Leicaالسلام عليكم ادعوك الى الاعجاب

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Homemade camera ultra-wide medium format camera

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Rolleiflex TLR Planar f/2.8 80mm Zeiss Medium Format Camera by Rob McKay Photography, via Flickr

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