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Athene receives the head of Medousa from Perseus. The hero is depicted as a young man, wearing the winged boots of Hermes and the cap of darkness on his head. Athene holds the Gorgoneion (Gorgon head) by its snaky locks, its image reflecting in the mirror of the shield. ca 400 - 385 BC

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Greek Sculpture | PARIAN GREEK LADY, c. 19th century. Finely detailed classical Greek ... #SculptureArt

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* Penny Deals * - 16G Gauge 3/8" 10mm Post Labret Stud Monroe Tragus Helix Medusa Cartilage Lip Ring Earring (3/8"- 5mm Ball 2Pcs) ** Read more reviews of the product by visiting the link on the image.

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Dealing With "Medusa" Women submitted by Paul Dobransky MD 3/27/2011 @

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