Meet the sloths by Lucy Cooke. This was the video that started it all off. Filmed at the world's only sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica it has now become a cult hit, tweeted by Ricky Gervaise, Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry and obsessed over by Kristen Bell. You can now catch the 45 minute 'Meet the Sloths' documentary on Animal Planet.

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Meet the sloths I always wondered why I loved sloths, now I know. They are just like me only cute.

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Lovely cute baby sloths we like on the internet for the Meet The Sloths TV Show

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A Baby Sloth In A Onesie. Taken from Animal Planet documentary “Meet the Sloths”, this video tells the story of a tiny baby sloth who loses his fur due to mange. The race is then on for staff at the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica to dress the little critter in a onesie so he's warm enough to survive.

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And also meaning that her face always looks like it has a sweet little smile on it. | Meet Lunita, The Cutest Baby Sloth On Planet Earth

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