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This partial Megalodon tooth is absolutely MASSIVE at 6" in length. A tooth of this size would have come from a prehistoric, mega-shark in the 50+ foot size range. A true whale eating monster of the Miocene seas. It still has sharp serrations along the edge of the tooth. This beautiful bluish grey and black, partial tooth has been cut flat on one edge and polished into a one-of-a-kind paper weight. The mesial side maintains it's razor sharp serrations


Two ‘mega sharks’ caught from Australian beach gain worldwide attention

Among 30 sharks caught by two Aussie fishermen, two were mega sharks: a hammerhead shark and a tiger shark weighing more than 770 pounds.


Two ‘mega sharks’ caught from Australian beach gain worldwide attention

January 2016: Joshua Butterworth, left, and Jethro Bonnichta with the 13.5-foot hammerhead shark they caught from an Australian beach (one of 20+ caught that trip). All sharks were released to the wild.

from The Huffington Post

What Newfound Fossils Say About Prehistoric 'Mega-Shark'

A fossil found at the base of an underwater mountain off the Canary Islands has been proved by Spanish scientists that it is a fossil of the megalodon. The megalodon is a huge prehistoric shark theorized to be up to 50 feet in length and thought to be a top predator of prehistoric times for over 25 million years.


Sharks roam on the web real soon sun and i love it!! words Marq Spekts Get ready for that School of Sharks tape dropping shortly mixed by...