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Rescue five Megabat Grey-headed Flying-fox Fruit bat babies Check your local colony. Unvaccinated, public, please do not handle any Megabat or Microbat. Call your local rescue wildlife group, council or ranger. These little ones were rescued and there were others dead on the ground. Very dehydrated and now in care.


One morning there was a dead bat in our pool. A few nights later my husband was netting the pool out while one was swooping down catching bugs. It hit the water and was unable to recover flight. Gary lifted it with the net and the second it was free of the water it took off. I guess that one warned the others because we've had no more bats in the pool. ~ Flying Fox | BATs - Mega and Micro


Another long-term research project focuses on Old World Fruit Bats (Family Pteropodidae = Megachiroptera). Description from I searched for this on