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Real MEGALODON SHARK Sightings! - Largest Sharks Ever Are Still Alive Maybe you know about World's biggest sharks (megalodons) from hungry shark evolution, gta 5 or bf4 but these giant sharks are actually real! They still live! These scary sea creatures still lurk in the huge dark ocean and search for victims... you'll see some real megalodon evidence in this video and you'll believe in their existence! The 1st photo is from Australia where a giant megalodon attacked a surfer near the…


The Black Demon Shark (Documentary) In the last few years there have been many reported sightings of the Black Demon Shark, it suggests Megalodon may not be extinct as first thought. The locals refer to this giant sea Shark as the "Black Demon Shark. It is said to be around 60ft long, dark and with a huge tail that whips to the surface before diving away quickly. Shark Attacks are frequent in this area.


MEGALODONS EXIST! - WORLD'S BIGGEST SHARKS EVER !! PROOFS World's biggest shark ever - Megalodon - this giant sea monster is still alive... These scary creatures are much bigger than great white sharks ..Actually they're enormous! And this is maybe the best megalodon evidences ever... these megalodons caught on cameras will prove you that the giant creatures didn't go extinct ... These monsters could swallow everything... i mean - EVERYTHING! Look at them - they are unbelievably huge…


Great white shark attacks Cape Cod kayakers

Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) That is more than likely a hook wound on its face. It is very common for sharks to have multiple hooks embedded in the sides of their mouths.


Giant Shark filmed off Japan - "When trying to ascertain its size, researchers took into account the dimensions of the bait container, as well as the length of other sharks that can be seen in the footage before the monster shows up, which were judged to be around 2 meters (6.5 feet) long. Using these as size comparisons, the mystery shark was estimated as being at least 30 feet long, with more exaggerated estimations putting it at more like 50 or 60 feet long."


Real GIANT MEGALODON Found! - The BIGGEST Shark Ever Megalodons are World's largest sharks ever! These giant sea monsters didn't go extinct! These mysterious creatures are still alive! You'll believe in megalodons existence after this video cause real megalodon was discovered. The enormous being appeared in Indian Ocean and tried to attack a diver cage ...and it's really scary..because this shark is abnormally large and the diver was so frightened... he didn't expect so huge shark, he…