Megamind 2 by Paraizooo on DeviantArt

Megamind 2 by Paraizooo on DeviantArt

... Megamind 2 ...

... Megamind 2 ...

Megamind pajamas by on @deviantART

the pic says it all xD i want pajamas like these xD i do not claim ownership to Megamind in any way.

My favorite couples: 1)Megamind & Roxanne in {Megamind} 2)Marianne & Bog king in {strange magic} 3)Kovu & Kiara in {Lion king 2}

My favorite couples: & Roxanne in {Megamind} & Bog king in {strange magic} & Kiara in {Lion king

Megamind - Megamind x Roxanne. Please let this be in the sequel, if there is one

lasersandspikes: “ thatfilthyanimal: “ just-more-megamind: “ Artist: DS-Hina (Source) ” This is one of the very few pictures that can get me to squee at the idea of Megamind being a father.

28 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Evening Gowns We Love!

28 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Evening Gowns We Love

yes megamind  Oh yes......the speeider....arachnis deathicus!

"I'm Megamind and I approve this massage." ~Megamind (incredibley handsome evil genius, master of all villiany, defender of Metrosity, etc.

Like Mega mind in the beginning of the movie he was a villain but we still clearly understood his point of view from beginning to end just as we do to Macbeth.

Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey voice this animation about a villain who finally conquers his nemesis but finds his life pointless without a hero to fight. Watch Megamind today at PM only at HBO

Megamind and Roxanne (digital version) by eleathyra on DeviantArt

The old version can be found here: Changes, apart from the new "structure": - I. Megamind and Roxanne (digital version)