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Megans Law List

I could definitely see me wearing this whole outfit in the future heading into work at a law firm!

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Not YOUR attorney Mug

@Lauren Davison Bingham @Mary Powers Lindblom @Becky Hui Chan Diehl @Emily Schoenfeld Beavers @Jenn L Marshall

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Married to a lawyer :) @Lauren Bishop @Allison Maria @Allison Wallrapp @Juliane Ashley @Megan Policastro @Megan Roach @Jenn Brower @Elle Rudisill @Jessica Nicole

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One of the planet’s most beautiful locations…

One of the planet’s most beautiful locations…where the atlantic meets the Caribbean

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Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hawaii

A turtle sanctuary on north shore Oahu near Kailua . Anywhere you snorkle you can see turtles ( state law has restrictions as to how close you can get to them) @neesi26

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