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Melissa Benoist. Juliet Wolfe. Youngest pack member. Mind-reading ability. Mother: Minerva (deceased) Father: Demetrius. Several half siblings. Playful, sometimes childlike.

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My obsession with Melissa Benoist is growing

(Fc Melissa Benoist) Hey! I'm Lacey. I'm 16 and single. I have a brother who is I like skateboarding, playing guitar. reading, and writing. Oh yeah, I'm also into acting. I think that's it... say hey!

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Kara embraces her amazing powers when someone she loves is in danger. Now, at 24, she’s on her journey to heroism while still navigating the waters of life as a twenty-something.

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Melissa Benoist, the daughter of Jim and Julie Benoist, was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Description from I searched for this on

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