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The Birth of the Sun ~ December 19th-25th, 2016

By Rachel Capurso, 12/18/2016 “Christmas is a door opening and reminding us forever of the soul within us. It is reminding us of the beauty, and truth, and wonder, and love that are locked within each one of us, and which can be brought out by proper care and nurturing.” – Manly P Hall The holidays have arrived, and by holidays, I mean holy-days. Hopefully last week’squietude was well spent in soul-searching and contemplation because this week is the time for…

As a Cancer you don't recover easily when your trust is broken. It could be days or even years and you still won't care.

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Instant Download - Digital Collage - 50 Retro beach photo collection - 1930-1960

Have a sunburn? Ouch! Get creative for after sun care and make these Aloe Vera Ice Cubes from The Dumbbelle plus 40 Additional Beach Tips and Tricks - Hacks and Ideas for Your Trip to the Sand

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A steady, secure job with great pay and benefits that I enjoy. Preferably where I can work from home.

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I'd be the one eating masaladaaaaaassss with Hau not caring about having any goals at all. MASALADAAAAAASSSSS

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Blue Paint Happy Birthday Card

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And remember that this works both ways! Women can be abusive, too! No one deserves to be treated this way

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They do but doesn't matter how much I try and show they do, others don't care or believe it.

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